2 000 people profess the Jewish religion in Slovakia

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In the Census of Population, Homes and Dwellings 2021, 2007 inhabitants subscribed to the Jewish religion in the Slovak Republic. "The community used to be significantly more numerous in our territory, but the Holocaust and long-term manifestations of hatred have significantly reduced it in our territory," recalls spokeswoman Jasmína Stauder.


Today, most of the inhabitants who profess the Jewish religion live in the Bratislava region - 839. Within the individual city districts, the Old Town dominates in this case, where they are registered 245. In the Ružinov district it is 142 and in Petržalka 95 people who profess the Jewish religion.


In the Košice region, the Jewish community has 311 inhabitants and 210 inhabitants profess the Jewish religion in the Trnava region.


In last year's Census of Population, Housing and Dwellings (SODB), the Roman Catholic religion was registered by 3,038,511 people, which represents a 55.76 percent share of the population of our country. In terms of numbers, the Evangelical religion follows 5.3 percent (287,000) and the Greek Catholic with four percent (218,000).