A walk through the city brought many visitors to the synagogue

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The Trenčín Synagogue reopened to the public during the first weekend of September. The cultural and information center organized a walk through the city, which was full of interesting information. Dozens of visitors learned more not only about the history of the synagogue itself, but also about other places related to the Jewish community in Trenčín.


"I'm looking forward to every single walk, but this one was special for me precisely because the synagogue was closed for a very long time. The last time we were in it was about four or five years ago. And because I know that its reconstruction is being prepared and it will be closed again for years to come, it was a unique opportunity to tell people more about it, ”explains guide Zuzana Novodvorská.


The visitors praised the last opening of the synagogue before the restoration. Most of them were primarily interested in the beautiful painting of the dome, while others were interested in the planned renovation project from the EEA Grants and the state budget. "It is very important for people to realize that there is a synagogue here and that it has been here in the past. They should also realize that there was once a strong Jewish community and that it is no longer here today. And they should also realize the reason why this is so and avoid it, "warns Zuzana Novodvorská.


City walks, which are connected with Jewish themes, are very popular in Trenčín. In the past, visitors could hear a lecture about Jewish holidays, customs and cuisine. "Another thing that motivates people to come and see is if something is not normally available. And this is precisely the case of the Trenčín synagogue. That is why I am very pleased that it will open its gates again in the future, "Novodvorská concluded.