The Trenčín Synagogue is temporarily green, so we support the conference about climate change

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The Presidential Palace, Comenius University, Bojnice Castle, but also the synagogue in Trenčín have temporarily changed the color of their lighting. In this way, buildings supported the UN Climate Change Conference, known as COP26, which began in Glasgow on Sunday 31 October. Leaders from around the world, including those from Slovakia, will negotiate ambitious goals to save the planet. In an effort to raise awareness of the conference in Slovakia, the British Embassy in Bratislava approached several institutions with an offer and a request to light their buildings in green to jointly express their attitude to climate protection and our planet.


More than 20 buildings across the whole of Slovakia will be lit green from 1 to 2 November. "The number of positive answers and the diversity of buildings, including several Slovak dominants that will join us, really pleased me. It is a very encouraging signal from various parts of Slovak society, including government, academic, cultural, media and others, that they care about protecting the planet. We expect COP26 to bring a major and practical breakthrough in terms of reducing emissions and protecting the environment. And Slovakia will also play its part, "said British Ambassador Nigel Baker.

However, the aim of the project is not just to illuminate buildings. Despite their great enthusiasm for this idea, some partners cannot join the challenge due to technical problems. Therefore, they can support conference virtually, via social media, where they choose the COP26 logo for their duration (31 October - 12 November) as their background. "I am already looking forward to photos of buildings that will illuminate Slovakia green. I will proudly share them with colleagues in the United Kingdom and the wider COP26 organizational team as a clear message from Slovakia, ”concluded Nigel Baker.